Are Dash Cams Worth It?

Are Dash Cams Worth It?

This is a question is an absolute no brainer. Of course a dashcam is worth it, are they worth the price some companies charge? That remains to be seen. I must admit I have opted for the flag ship of the RoadAngel range the Halo Pro, purely because I am of think “why fit a cheaper inferior quality product into an expensive car”.

From a functionality view and a balance on benefits a dash brings against the cost, again a no brainer. Dashcams provide vital evidential footage of an accident or incident and absolve innocent and responsible drivers like you and I from blame and most importantly liability. Accidents often result in long winded insurance processes. Often neither party want to accept blame which can be a very frustrating and time consuming exercise. I myself, prior to becoming a RoadAngel, have lost many hours liaising with solicitors, frustrated and flabbergasted that the other party (completely at fault, I was stationary I might add) would not step up and admit they had made a mistake.

The ability to know the evidence of a future accident (touch wood) would be available instantly makes a dashcam well worth the spend. Just reading the local newspaper today I can see the local constabulary agrees. Countless articles about crimes with the police requesting the public to review their dashcam footage in and around the time of the incident in the hope they may contain clues.

For me, I like to think I am providing an extra eye around my local area. I have captured a pleather of near misses on the motorway, shopping trollies being pushed into my bumper at supermarkets and even crooks peering in my windscreen looking to pilfer.

I can honestly say I am unsure why it is that the Insurance companies do not make it a mandatory requirement. If you ask anyone if they are a good driver, they will say yes (they can’t all be). Well, with a dashcam you can now prove it…