Top 5 Dash Cam Facts from Road Angel

Top 5 Dash Cam Facts from Road Angel

Dash cams can sometimes be a dull subject - all the 'road safety this' and 'hardwired that' can send most of us to sleep, so here at Road Angel we think it's time to enlighten you on a bit of trivia from the dash cam industry and provide you with our "Top 5 Dash Cam Facts".

1. Social Media Madness

Whether you love it or hate it, social media loves dash cams. Dash cams are responsible for capturing some of the most viral videos on the internet. From incredible meteor strikes, like the famous Chelyabinsk meteor in 2013, to bizarre road incidents, these devices have recorded countless unexpected events. 

Here's the video of the Chelyabinsk meteor from 2013:

2. The Birth of Dash Cams

The concept of recording from a moving vehicle isn't new and can be traced back to the advent of portable video cameras. Police cars in the United States, for instance, started using rudimentary video recording setups in the 1980s to document traffic stops and chases. They used VHS cameras mounted onto tripods, fixated in their Police cruisers to gain crucial evidence against perpetrators.

3. South Korean Madness

In South Korea, dash cams have become so popular that they are almost considered a necessary accessory in vehicles, driven by high insurance fraud rates and the cultural emphasis on accountability.

Here's an example of what South Korea has to endure!:

4. Insurance Success

In the UK, a survey conducted by a major insurance company found that nearly 30% of drivers now use a dash cam. Among those who submitted footage as part of an insurance claim, approximately 50% found that the dash cam footage proved their case.

5. Dash Cams Are Legal Right?

Yes.. and no! 

  1. Europe: In Europe, the use of dash cams is a mixed situation. Countries like Russia and the UK allow dash cams with few restrictions. However, in nations with strict privacy laws like Austria and Portugal, using a dash cam can be illegal or restricted. In Germany, for instance, while it's legal to own and operate a dash cam, strict data protection laws regulate how the footage can be used and shared.

  2. United States: In the U.S., dash cams are generally legal, but laws concerning privacy and recording conversations without consent vary by state.

  3. Canada: Dash cams are legal in Canada, but users must be careful not to violate privacy laws, particularly pertaining to again, recording conversations without consent.

  4. Asia: In many Asian countries like South Korea and Japan, dash cams are very popular and largely legal, but they must comply with local privacy laws that might govern how and what they record. In China, dash cams have become quite popular, especially for capturing unusual events and protecting against fraudulent claims.

  5. Australia: In Australia, the use of dash cams is legal, but there are privacy regulations that must be followed, particularly in relation to capturing and distributing images of people without their consent.