Why Electric Scooters are Dangerous on the Road

Why Electric Scooters are Dangerous on the Road

One of the latest phenomena hitting the streets is the surge in popularity of electric scooters, or e-scooters for short. These nimble, electric-powered vehicles have become a preferred choice for many commuters.

However, their sudden appearance on roads poses potential dangers for both riders and drivers alike, with concerns on the rise for rider visibility, lack of road/driving knowledge & their continued misuse across the UK.

Can you ride an Electric Scooter on the road?

In some parts of the UK, riding an electric scooter on the road is legal, but only under strict conditions - under trial rules. In the rest of the UK they remain illegal, such as London & West Yorkshire, as those areas do not adopt E-scooter trials. 

You can find the most current, up-to-date E-scooter trials list here.

Riding an electric scooter dangerously, or on the pavement is a serious offence and falls under the category of dangerous driving, which is part of the Road Traffic Act 1988.

Are E-scooters an increasing concern?

In the fast-paced world of today, road safety has become an increasing concern, especially with the rising popularity of unconventional modes of transportation, such as e-scooters.

As these new additions hit the streets, it becomes crucial for drivers to have a reliable tool that not only captures their journeys but also acts as a safeguard against unforeseen incidents - such as dangerous driving on e-scooters (which has become a trending recurrence due to dash cam footage circulating around the web).

Enter the Road Angel Halo Dash Cam – your ultimate ally on the road.

Capturing the unpredictable

We know that when driving, not everything is within your control. From sudden lane changes to unexpected pedestrian crossings, the road is full of surprises. 

Our Halo Dash Cams step in as your vigilant companion, capturing every moment with precision, but their benefits go beyond just recording your drive; they unveil a new dimension by allowing you to capture things well outside your control.

Road Angel unveiling the potential dangers of E-scooters

Imagine being able to showcase, with undeniable evidence, the challenges posed by e-scooters on the road. Our Halo Dash Cams do just that. With its high-definition recording capabilities, it captures the intricacies of your drive, highlighting moments when e-scooters may dart unpredictably into traffic or engage in risky manoeuvres.

Advocating for Road Safety

Owning a Road Angel Dash Cam isn't just about recording your daily commute; it's about contributing to a safer driving environment. By sharing footage of potential dangers posed by the influx of e-scooters, you play a crucial role in raising awareness about road safety.

Whether it's showcasing close calls, near misses, or instances where responsible driving prevails, the Halo Dash Cam range becomes a powerful tool for advocacy.