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We value your privacy and are committed to ensuring that your personal data is handled securely and responsibly. Use this form to request the deletion of your account and all associated data from our Google app.

Important: This action will permanently delete your account and all related data. It cannot be undone.

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Data Retention Notice

In certain cases, we may need to retain some data for legitimate reasons such as security, fraud prevention, or regulatory compliance. If applicable, details about our data retention practices can be found in our Privacy Policy

Additional Information

If you have any additional information or specific requests regarding your account deletion, please provide details in the body of your message in the above form:


To verify your identity and protect your privacy, we may need to contact you. Please ensure that the contact information provided is accurate.

Submitting a Request

Once you submit this form, we will process your request within 30 days. You will receive a confirmation email once your account and data have been deleted.

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