Our range of Dash Cams double up as Car Security Cameras, ensuring your car is protected day & night, on the road, or off the road. With a Car Security Camera, you're adding an extra layer of security against thefts, accidents, collisions and incidents alike. All captured on your Road Angel Dash Cam.

How do Car Security Cameras work?

A lot of people assume all Dash Cams can record whilst the engine is turned off. Parking Mode is in fact a unique feature that our Dash Cams thrive in, turning our Dash Cams into Car Security Cameras.

If you're using a battery-powered Dash Cam, then Parking Mode won't work - or even exist - unless it's hardwired in.

All of our Road Angel Dash Cams do not feature built-in batteries as we encourage the use of Parking Mode, and for safety reasons on batteries.

How Our Car Security Cameras Excel

What Does Parking Mode do?

We offer 🌈Bump Protection🌈

G Force Sensors that monitors any bump or collision.

Seeing ✨Everything✨

Our Wide-angle Lens sees EVERYTHING.

💪🏼Power to the People💪🏼

We recommend our Dash Cams are hardwired, so we've got you covered.