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Firmware Release Notes


Update v2.6.0.760

Release Date: 07/12/24


  • The prompt voices after alert and live van have been removed as they were deemed too annoying.
  • Respect the mute setting for the startup voice message.
  • Only play the startup voice message 5 times ever, after that only the text prompt is shown.
  • Don't allow reporting of blackspot, school, laser, or smart motorway-related alerts.
  • Cancel alert prompt message if another alert occurs.
  • Reduce alert prompt timeout to 5sec if the speed is 50mph or greater.
  • Code for disabling alert report prompts has been added for later use by the app.

Update v2.6.0.759

Release Date: 05/07/24


  • Fix: local alert database could be corrupted by connectivity issues whilst downloading updated.
  • Change: setting a Camera Van alert live is now done after the alert has finished.
  • Update: this release will trigger a download of a fresh copy of the alert database to fix any errors.
  • Update: the latest Road Speed Library is included.
  • Feature: a voice prompt is played after the first Camera Van alert to remind about the set live feature.
  • Feature: Alert reporting

  - If an alert is wrong then it can be reported once the alert has finished.

  - A prompt message is displayed on startup each day to describe the new feature.

  - A voice prompt is played after the first alert to describe the new feature.