Liquid Tech Ultimate Full Detailing Pack

Liquid Tech Ultimate Full Detailing Pack

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Ultimate Full Detailing Pack

Transform and protect your vehicle inside and out with Liquid Tech's Ultimate Full Detailing Pack. This comprehensive kit includes everything you need to achieve a showroom-quality finish and maintain it for years to come.

1. Premium Snow Foam

Deep Foaming Action

- Benefits: Safely lifts dirt without stripping waxes and ceramic protection, streak-free rinsing.

- Description: A thick, biodegradable foam that clings to dirt for easy removal. Safe for all paint types, wheels, and trim.

2. Iron Fallout & Decontaminate

Spotless Bodywork

- Benefits: Removes brake dust, iron particles, and heavy contamination, pH-neutral, safe for all exterior surfaces.

- Description: A powerful, acid-free formula that decontaminates paintwork and alloys, preventing corrosion and paintwork damage.

3. Tyre Finish

Back to Black

- Benefits: Provides a deep black shine and long-lasting protection, resistant to road debris.

- Description: Fast-drying formula that restores and protects tyre walls, maintaining a showroom look.

4. Alloy Cleaner

Wonderful Wheels

- Benefits: Effortlessly cleans hard-to-reach areas, suitable for all wheel types.

- Description: A powerful cleaner that removes grime, brake dust, and dirt in 60 seconds, leaving wheels shiny and clean.

5. All-Purpose Cleaner

Cleaning Inside & Out

- Benefits: Suitable for interior and exterior surfaces, cuts through grime easily.

- Description: A versatile cleaner that loosens tough dirt on exteriors and interiors, ready to wipe clean in minutes.

6. Bodywork Shampoo

Luxurious Deep Clean

- Benefits: Water-repellent finish, tough on dirt, gentle on paintwork.

- Description: A lubricating shampoo that lifts contaminants and protects the clear coat, leaving a sleek, refreshed finish.

7. Ceramic Shampoo

Liquid Luxury

- Benefits: Deep gloss finish for up to 12 weeks, creates a protective barrier.

- Description: Low foam formula that keeps vehicles cleaner longer, leaving a hydrophobic layer of liquid glass.

8. Cutting Compound

A Cut Above the Rest

- Benefits: Removes marks, light scratches, oxidation, and imperfections.

- Description: A fast-acting compound suitable for hand or machine polishing, enhancing gloss and smoothness.

9. Resin & Polish

Beauty Treatment

- Benefits: Deep glossy finish, protects against UV damage and oxidation.

- Description: A gentle abrasive polish that removes light defects and restores shine using premium carnauba.

10. Tar & Glue Remover

Easily Cut Through Sticky Residues

- Benefits: Removes tar, glue, insect residue, grease, wax, and oil stains.

- Description: A solvent blend that dissolves tough stains on alloy wheels, paintwork, plastics, and glass.

11. Ceramic Detailer

It's Showtime

- Benefits: Extreme gloss finish, water beading action, self-cleaning properties.

- Description: Use between washes to remove dirt, restore shine, and protect paintwork. Buff off with a microfiber cloth for a showroom finish.

12. Plastics & Rubber Restorer

Restore & Renew

- Benefits: Rejuvenates and protects interior and exterior plastics and rubber seals.

- Description: A silicone-free formula that restores trim to its former glory and protects against further damage.

13. Ceramic Fabric Seal

Keeping Up Appearances

- Benefits: Protects interior fabrics from stains, liquids, and UV damage.

- Description: A long-lasting spray that forms a durable shield on all fabrics, maintaining their original look and feel.

14. Ceramic Coat (3 Year)

Bodily Perfection

- Benefits: Long-lasting protection against environmental damage and light scratches.

- Description: A sophisticated formula providing up to 3 years of protection, creating a slick, durable layer over paintwork.

15. Ceramic Glass Seal

Crystal-Clear Protection

- Benefits: Clearer windows, long-lasting protection, easy application.

  • Description: Protects against water spots, UV rays, and contaminants, promoting crystal-clear visibility.

16. Interior Cleaner

An Inside Job

- Benefits: Works on all interior surfaces without residue.

- Description: Cleans everything from steering wheels to dashboards, cutting through grime with ease.

17. Glass Cleaner

Wonderful Windows

- Benefits: Ideal for interior and exterior glass, rapid cleaning action.

- Description: A streak-free formula that removes debris from mirrors, tinted glass, headlights, and chrome trims.

18. Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

Luxurious Leather

- Benefits: Cleans and conditions leather, restoring suppleness.

- Description: A dual-action formula safe for modern and classic leather interiors, leaving a natural, non-greasy finish.

This Ultimate Full Detailing Pack provides everything you need for comprehensive car care, ensuring your vehicle stays in pristine condition inside and out.